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We at HydroHoist Marine Group are very proud of our history, our product, and our company. This web site has been developed to improve the level of service offered to our HydroHoist boatlift and HyPower power pedestal customers. The company was launched in 1964 when Henry Rutter invented the first hydro-pneumatic boat lift on Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees in northeastern Oklahoma. It has since expanded with the addition of HyPower, a Marine and RV industry power pedestal company, and Rotek, a leader in the rotational molding industry. HydroHoist Marine Group is the oldest and largest hydro-pneumatic boatlift manufacturer in the world. “Initially the need for the HydroHoist boat lift was created because of a restriction for land space for boat storage,” said Mick Webber, President and CEO. “Boat owners were demanding convenience and immediacy of use, and Rutter’s boat lift system offered dry storage in the water for a price comparable to land space. Remarkably, some of the original hoists are still in use,” Webber said. Today the company has 75 employees and does business worldwide. HydroHoist Marine Group manufactures and sells lifts ranging from 1,500-pound drive-on docking platform for PWCs to lifts that will accommodate 130,000-pound watercraft. HyPower is a division of HydroHoist Marine Group and the leading technology company in the power pedestal industry. HyPower features apatented PowerSnap technology saving you both time and money, lowering maintenance costs while improving the level of service offered. Simple solutions for marinas, RV parks, home and recreation, HyPower offers hundreds of PowerSnap Panel configurations with the ability for anyone to change them without rewiring for increased flexibility and a higher level of customer service. This includes the revolutionary PowerSnap Weather Base option on our PowerPort. Within a matter of seconds, you can remove the power head to safety protecting your investment from the dangers of hurricanes, floods and winters. For more information and details just click on the links below to go to our company specific websites.